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Background music that works for your school

Find the perfect background music for your school or university in the world's largest commercial catalog

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51 million fully licensed songs

The most music for the best playlists.
Create your own or pick from hundreds.

51 million songs for schools

The most music for the best playlists.
You decide exactly what plays.

21%-90% savings on ASCAP+BMI

See how much your school will save with the licenses included in your subscription.
See exactly how much.

21%+ savings on SOCAN and Re:Sound

Soundtrack includes these licenses at a discount — you’re fully licensed and saving money.

Curated playlists and AI stations

Save time with 450+ ready-made playlists and AI stations based on your preferences.

Smart tools make it easy

AI stations, music scheduling, and an explicit-lyrics filter keep things simple.

Music for the classroom

and beyond

Proven cognitive and emotional benefits

No matter the age of the student, music has been shown to help minimize stress, improve focus, and manage emotions, and in younger students, even improve communication skills.¹

Outside the classroom

Study environments benefit from playlists that promote relaxation and concentration. More energetic playlists enliven social environments like dining areas and lounges, and pairing the right music to indoor and outdoor events increases participation and makes for more-memorable experiences.

All the music you want, made easy

With over 450 curated playlists, 51 million songs for creating them from scratch, and smart tools like music scheduling and an explicit-lyrics filter, staff have all the help and control they need to find the perfect music for students of any age.

1. National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments, How does music benefit your classroom or school community the most? Retrieved from

“What we’ve achieved here is that everything music related happens automatically, so the staff just need to focus on serving guests”

Benjamin Calleja

Co-founder of 1889 Pizza Stockholm, Sweden

“With Soundtrack, we are able to curate on a local level, but on a global scale.”

Nick Parmar

W Senior Director at W Hotels Los Angeles, US

“Soundtrack is great when you’re working 8 hour days and don’t want to listen to the same songs again and again”

Courtney Williamson

General manager at Dirty Vegan Stockholm, Sweden

The freedom to play the music you want
and smart tools to make it easy

Whether you’re a part-time DJ who loves to put together playlists or you’d rather leave the work to someone else, smart tools make it easy to find the perfect background music for your school or university.

You get more songs than even many personal streaming services offer, and unlike our competitors, you can play any of them.

Soundtrack works the same for single locations and retail chains—you control all the music from the same place.

Enjoy total control over the music

  • Make your own playlists from a library of 51 million songs
  • Search by artist or playlist, just like you're used to
  • Import any Spotify playlist and legally play it in your business

Save time with experts and AI

  • Pick from more than 450 curated playlists and save time for the students
  • Type a name to create a station based on that artist
  • Tailor the music to your brand: click on sound tags and let the AI work its magic

Keep it simple with smart tools

  • Schedule in advance with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Keep the music age-appropriate with an explicit-lyrics filter
  • Connect with customers by sharing songs in seconds

See the ready-made playlists trending in schools and universities today,
each providing dozens of hours of music

Pop FM

Anywhere the radio goes, this follows

Can't Stop Chill Hop

Sparkling hip hop instrumentals

Tropical Bungalow

Tropical house music playing in the cabana

Billie Eilish station

Also featuring Luke Howard, Chelsea Cutler, Alexander 23, and many more

Hits of the 80s

Big hair, big sounds, big stars

Lounge Instrumentals

Chilled-out lounge instrumentals

Teen Pop

Happy pop for proms and rec rooms

Taylor Swift station

Also featuring Noréll, Alessia Cara, Jesper Jenset and many more

Good Times Pop

New hits from the sunny side of the street

Study Hall Piano

Instrumental piano to help with concentration

Ballad Radio

Pop, rock, and soul ballads over the years

Ed Sheeran station

Also featuring Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Lady Gaga, and many more


Bill monthly

Bill annually



/ per zone and month

Choose from hundreds of playlists curated by our experts. Or create your own based on the mood you want to set.

  • One zone

    What is a zone?

    Each business address needs at least one zone—where the music will play. You need multiple zones to play music at different addresses or to play different playlists in a single location at the same time.

    It’s easy to add more zones when logged in to your Soundtrack account.

  • 51 million songs
  • Licenses for business use
  • Full legal licensing
  • Up to 90% savings on included ASCAP+BMI
  • 21%+ savings on included SOCAN+Re:Sound
  • Unlimited playlists you create
  • 450+ ready-made playlists
  • 7000+ possible artist stations
  • Unlimited Spotify imports
  • Scheduling and explicit-lyrics filter


179 USD

179 GBP

/ per month

Support, service, and hardware designed for larger businesses

Everything in Soundtrack

Plus these features

  • Three zones in total

    What's a zone?

    Each business address needs at least one zone—where the music will play. You need multiple zones to play music at different addresses or to play different music at the same address at the same time.

    It’s easy to add more zones when logged in to your Soundtrack account.

  • Soundtrack Player hardware for each zone
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 live customer support Priority support