The 6 best background music playlists for Italian restaurants

We’ve got the perfect playlists for Italian restaurants from crooners and classics to Italian pop and romantic dinner themes.

Italian Restaurant

Creating the perfect ambience is important when selecting best music for your for Italian restaurants from crooners and classics to Italian pop and romantic dinner themes.

Identifying the perfect playlist begins with the style of restaurant you’re operating . The right music selection that fits your brand ranges on the type of Italian cuisine and whether you’re running an authentic, romantic, or contemporary Italian restaurant, or perhaps an Italian cafe or family-friendly pizzeria.  

No matter the style of food you’re serving up, considering your location and demographic plays a part choosing music to create the right atmosphere for your restaurant and brand.

The best background music for Italian restaurants ranges from traditional italian songs, classic ballads, jazz music and crooners to modern Italian pop and instrumental music. For example, opting for Soundtrack’s Sounds of Italy music playlist can set the stage for both your staff and guests.

The music team at Soundtrack Your Brand carefully curated a this list of best playlists to pair with Italian food and a variety of unique restaurant needs.

Checkout the most popular Italian restaurant music playlists below.

Posted on October 17, 2022

1. Italian Restaurant

Italian restaurant

Great for: Fine-dining and family restaurants

With some of the most popular classical Italian tunes such as Volare and That’s Amore, this playlist serves up deep, soothing vocals that pair beautifully with the softer sounds of violins, mandolins, and harpsichords. Along with some slow, romantic songs, there are also a mix of up-tempo beats to create a more lively atmosphere. 

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2. Swoon Over Crooners

Swoon Over Crooners

Great for: Italian restaurants seeking to set the mood with legendary jazz, big band, and swing.  

With a little sway and jazz swing, this playlist sets the perfect mood. As the name suggests, it’s full of Crooners. These include Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Anita O’Day, Michael Bublé, Sony Holland, Tony Bennett and many more. The playlist is great for Italian dinner music, as it brings back the sounds of decades past or memories of little italy from years ago — when family recipes didn’t change with the trends. 

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3. Background Piano

Background Piano

Great for: Restaurants where conversation takes center stage

If you want to take a subtler approach with music, then consider background music with instrumentals and no lyrics. Here, the piano delivers an elegant sound that will calm and soothe your diners. They’ll be so chill you might even get more yesses to “ Another glass of wine, caffe or dessert?”  

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4. Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner

Great for: Fine dining restaurants

If you’re seating mostly couples for dinner service or those celebrating special events, this might be the right playlist for your restaurant. Similar to our classic Italian Restaurant playlist above, this set is slower and swankier, with some smooth jazz and extra love ballads. Here you’ll find Miles Davis, Joe Lovano, Ella Fitzgerald, and Freddy Cole to help your diners enjoy a blissful experience, and perhaps some romantic moments.

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5. Italian Café

Italian Café

Great for: Cafés serving espresso and paninis, gelaterias, and pizzerias

If you want to offer patrons of all ages a fun dip into Italian culture, try our Italian Café playlist. With mysterious guitar runs, rich Italia vocals, and old country mandolins, accordions there’s a lot to experience in this playlist. It’s perfect for Italian-inspired lunch cafés or coffee houses. Patrons will enjoy the sounds of Tuscany, Rome, Genoa, and other cities and regions. Sure, it’s classic music, but it still holds plenty of modern appeal. So grab a slice of pizza or a plate of biscotti & espresso and enjoy.

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6. Most Played Italy

Most played Italy

Great for: Modern or fusion Italian restaurants

If you’re racking your brain for something authentic but unexpected, try the latest songs that are being played across Italy today? Modern Italian music can be a great way to compliment a menu that adds modern twists to classic dishes. In this playlist, you’ll find a mix of Italiano pop and American tracks that are topping Italian music charts. 

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Whether you’re serving up gelato to a family with children or hand-made gnocchi to savvy foodies, one thing’s for sure: It’s all about the experience. The right Italian music playlists that will complement and enhance your menu!

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