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Ways to make more out of Soundtrack

Turn your experience with Soundtrack up a notch by building display, control and monitoring apps using the Soundtrack API

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Get visitors engaged by showing what’s playing and provide ways to bring your soundtrack home.
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Simplify for your employees by adding control where they are. Or just automate.
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Add Soundtrack insight to your existing system. Which locations are online and which are not?
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Visualize your soundtrack

Do what McDonald’s did and use Soundtrack API to engage your guests around what’s playing. Or follow suite with W Hotels and add a now playing-app for your website (check it out).

Some ideas to get your mind started

• Add now playing to your existing mobile app or website
• Add artist and track name to receipts
• Enable staff to instantly share what’s playing
• <insert your creativity here>



Automate away

Fast fine pizza diner 18|89 went all in on Soundtrack API, automating music so staff can focus on serving guests. They also built an energy slider so staff can adjust the music intensity to fit the mood.

Some ideas to get your mind started

• Automatically switch soundtrack depending on weather or number of visitors
• Automatically change volume depending of number of people in the store
• Add playback control to your cash register to remove the need for app switching
• <insert your creativity here>


“What we’ve achieved here is that everything music related happens automatically, so the staff just need to focus on serving guests”

Benjamin Calleja
Co-founder of 1889 Pizza

read the full story behind 18|89 here


Add insight

Simplify operations and store support by adding insights from Soundtrack to your existing systems.

Some ideas to get your mind started

• See which of your locations are playing music (and what they’re playing)
• Instantly list which users have access to your account
• List all your players and their software version
• <insert your creativity here>

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