Italian Restaurant Music


Italian Restaurant Music

Introducing the Italian Restaurant playlist, curated for your restaurant by Soundtrack

234 songs | 11 hours | updated weekly

As Classic as a Margherita

If you're longing for the ideal Italian restaurant music playlist, then this is it. Everything that you would expect from an Italian music selection is right here. The signature Italian charm will spill through your speakers with Soundtrack's Italian Restaurant playlist. It's the perfect pairing for when your restaurant is serving the deliciously comforting Italian dishes that we all know and love. You can enhance the atmosphere for your customers with this selection of songs, adding a timeless dose of Italian personality, simply with the right music.

Traditional Italian Music

Let the Italian cafe music playlist lift the spirits of your dinner service with 12 hours of the very best music from Italy. With more than 230 different songs, the tracks will flow non-stop - much like the wine you may be serving. Just like spaghetti alla carbonara, the Italian Restaurant playlist is an excellent choice that you won't regret.

An Italian Restaurant Playlist

Your guests can listen to many magical music moments, straight from the heart of Italy. With artists such as Frank Sinatra, Teddy Reno, Renato Rescal, Johnny Dorelli and Alberto Rabagliati often featured on this playlist of Italian restaurant songs, everyone who visits is sure to leave feeling happy and content.

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