Beach Restaurant Music


Beach Restaurant Music

Introducing the Surf Shack Rock playlist, curated for your restaurant by Soundtrack

234 songs | 10 hours | updated weekly

Ride the Wave

Keep visitors to your surf shack stoked with your choice of songs. Old school surf rock is always in session with the Surf Shack Rock playlist from Soundtrack. Listen to unbeatable surf rock music classics that will have your staff and customers amped any time they're at your location. Life's a beach when the background music is this good.

Surf Rock Restaurant Music

The Surf Shack Rock playlist makes sure that the tide is never out for your diners. With over 230 tracks of unfiltered surf rock music, you have around ten hours of no repeats. Pure surf gems are on the horizon and the tunes will keep rolling like the waves. The playlist is updated regularly by the awesome Soundtrack music curators, so this selection will never grow old.

A Summer Beach Playlist

This playlist is totally soaked with the surfing spirit that will add endlessly cool summer vibes to your hangout. Your guests can chill out to music from excellent artists like The Lively Ones, The Nebulas, Rake & The Surftones, Los Atascados, and Pollo Del Mar without a care in the world... Totally peaceful.

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