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Tailored for any business.

Whether you're a big chain or a small shop, we've got you covered.

Try for 30 days and see what music can do for your business.
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per location & month.


Custom rate

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custom rate for 30+ locations.

Everything is included.

And more features and music is released every month.

30+ Soundtracks
150+ Playlists
Import playlists from Spotify
PRO fees included (ASCAP, BMI etc) in U.S. & Canada*
Music scheduling
The Remote app
Control unlimited number of locations
Now Playing-screen
and much, much more.


Questions & Answers.

Frequently asked questions about our pricing and licensing.

Pricing & Licensing

What is a location?

A location represents a physical place, such as a restaurant or shop. Having multiple locations allows you to play different music in different venues, or different music in several areas of one venue.

Each location needs a dedicated device to play music from. One device can be connected to a location at a time. You can play the same music in all your locations, or select a different soundtrack, playlist or schedule for each of them.

Will you send a reminder before the trial ends?

Yes, we’ll send you an email reminder 5 days before the trial ends. This so that you don’t forget to cancel your subscription if you wouldn’t be satisfied with the service.

How much is the fee for Soundtrack Business and what's included?

Soundtrack Business is a music streaming service for business owners. The fee includes commercial licenses. Since it's a subscription service, you pay $34.99/month for each location where you play music.

You also need to pay the local collecting societies if run a business outside the U.S. and Canada. Read more here.

What's Soundtrack Business licensed for?

Soundtrack Business comes with licenses for streaming music, both online and offline, in a public environment such as a restaurant or store.

Do I need to continue to pay the license fee to my local collecting societies?

Yes, unless you're in the U.S. or Canada. Composers and musicians get paid for the music you play in your place of business through their collecting societies. You need to pay the fees when you play music in your business, no matter if you play music from a radio, a CD player, or an online streaming service like ours.

Exceptions may apply, learn more.

Devices & Music

What devices do you support?

We support Windows PCs, Android and iOS iPods, iPhones, and iPads. You can compare all our players here.

Can I use Soundtrack Business with Sonos?

We don't offer a particular app that you can use to play music on your Sonos system. But you can connect your Soundtrack Business device through the line-input to your Sonos using an audio cable.

Learn more

What music can I use in Soundtrack Business?

Soundtrack Business gives you access to 25+ Soundtracks and 150+ Playlists. The Soundtracks and Playlists are created by our team of music experts. The music expert team has years of experience from different fields across the music industry.

A Soundtrack is a never-ending stream of music that’s always updated. A playlist has up to ten hours of music with a specialized theme and is perfect for any special occasion. Mix and match the soundtracks and playlists to find the sound for your business.

Learn more about our Music team who creates the Soundtracks and Playlists here.

Can I use my personal playlists?

Yes, we support playlists imported from Spotify along with our own curated music for businesses. Our import tool will help you extend your playlist if it’s too short, and you can both add and remove songs after the playlist is imported.