Consumer Services vs Soundtrack

Consumer Services such as Spotify, Youtube, Apple, Amazon, Tidal and Pandora are not legal for use in businesses due to different licenses and copyright law. They are only suitable for personal, non-commercial use as they only pay artists and rights holders royalty rates based on individual listening.

Consumer ServicesSoundtrack
Legal for businessesNoYes
Music catalog size 100+ million songs100+ million songs
On-demand musicYesYes
Readymade playlistsYes1,300+
Global business licensing coverageNo74 countries
Remote managementNoYes
Delegated music controlNoYes
Spotify playlist import-Yes
In-store messagingNoYes
Explicit lyric filter optionSomeYes
Scheduling NoYes
Song blockYesYes
Hardware playerNoYes

Interface is great! Music just plays without much interaction needed from me. I love that I can schedule a certain genre of music to play when employees are setting up and then change it for when customers are in the gallery.

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