Pandora CloudCover vs Soundtrack

Pandora Radio and Cloud Cover Music have joined forces to create a powerhouse of musical variety licensed for business. "Pandora CloudCover" marries the unparalleled customization of Pandora with the robust business and management features of Cloud Cover.

Pandora CloudCoverSoundtrack
Legal for businessesYes Yes
Music catalog size No mention100+ million songs
On-demand musicNo Yes
Readymade playlists200+1,300+
Global business licensing coverageUS & Canada74 countries
Remote managementYes Yes
Delegated music controlYesYes
Spotify playlist importNoYes
In-store messagingYesYes
Explicit lyric filter optionNoYes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Song blockNoYes
Hardware playerYesYes

“It's been an incredible change for us compared to Pandora by Mood Media. The schedule has allowed us to change every week, but also the amount of things you add each week has been incredible.”

Bloomin Beads
Ohio, United States