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Looking for Spotify Business?

Great news, we've now built something even better for you – Soundtrack

Perfect for you want to create a unique atmosphere in your store or restaurant

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Play the right music

Our soundtracks are designed for business and continuously updated to prevent customer and staff listening fatigue.

Licensed and legal

Unlike Spotify Premium, Soundtrack Business is licensed for business & includes PRO fees (ASCAP, BMI etc) in U.S. & Canada. Learn more.

Easy to use

No streaming box needed. Get instant access to millions of songs. Music scheduling, explicit filter, offline playback & much more.

Turn your Spotify playlists into soundtracks

Easy to use

With our simple drag-and-drop feature, you can easily import playlists directly from Spotify and it will automatically generate a soundtrack. Your soundtracks will be updated with new songs, matching the same mood, so they never become repetitive.

How does music affect your staff & your customers?

Total control

Play different music at different times of the day to speed up and slow down your customers and your staff.

Increase sales

A great soundtrack can enhance a restaurant experience, make guests stay longer and spend more. Research shows that the right music for restaurants can increase sales by +9%.

Can I use Spotify in my store?

"Spotify is for personal entertainment only and not for commercial use. This means it can’t be played in public places such as bars, restaurants, stores, schools, etc."

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The Soundtrack of Dirty Vegan

“Soundtrack is great when you’re working 8 hour days and don’t want to listen to the same songs again and again”

Courtney Williamson
General manager at Dirty Vegan

  • schedule your music
  • 300+ ready-made soundtracks
  • create customized soundtracks
  • turn Spotify playlists into soundtracks
  • explicit-lyrics filter
  • licensed and legit
  • full sonos support


monthly per subscription

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