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The world's leading music service for businesses.

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What is Spotify Business?

Spotify Business is a music streaming platform, licensed for commercial and public spaces. No matter what business you’re in – we’ve got the perfect music for you.

Spotify Business vs Spotify Premium

Spotify Business is a service for business owners that includes commercial licenses. The license you get with Spotify Premium is for private use and doesn't let you play music in public environments.

Control all locations

Control your music across as many locations as you like. Around the city, or around the world. You can make changes to a single location or instantly update the music in all your stores.

Schedule music

Schedule the music to suit different times of day. You work seamlessly with Spotify by dragging and dropping your playlists straight into our schedule tool.

Offline mode

Never worry about your business going silent if the internet drops out. We pre-download your upcoming songs – no matter what device you use.


Find music that fits your business.

Finding the right music for your business isn’t easy — that’s why we built the Music Finder, a tool that helps you find the right soundtrack among our huge selection of songs.

Find your soundtrack

control the music in your business
control the music in your business

Complete control. Wherever you are.

Control what’s being played across all your stores from one tool, in real-time, no matter where you are. Play the same music across all locations or adjust the feeling & mood to a specific location.

Prevent repeats, control volume & exclude tracks with explicit lyrics with the click of a button.

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Schedule your music.

The new scheduling feature lets you tailor the music to fit your business perfectly. By working with playlists with different energy levels or emotions, you can adapt the music throughout the day to meet your changing needs.

As an example, some businesses play upbeat music to the staff before the opening to get them in the right frame of mind.

Small Businesses

For small businesses with one location.


per month

Large Businesses

For businesses with multiple locations.


per month & location

Learn more about our product tiers and find out which license your business fit within, please click here.