Spotify for Business & Commercial Use

Founded as Spotify for Business in 2013, Soundtrack Your Brand takes music streaming for business to the next level! Discover the unrivaled solution complete with state of the art technology and a best in class music experience licensed for commercial use.

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Soundtrack Player App
  • 90 million songs fully licensed for business

    90 million songs fully licensed for business

  • 10%+ potential sales increase

    10%+ potential sales increase

  • Tools built for business

    Tools built for business

Easy like Spotify. Built for business.

The most music you can find, without getting fined.

Like Spotify, Soundtrack Your Brand delivers the most comprehensive, high quality, music catalog licensed for commercial use. And every song featured on our streaming platform keeps your business playlist safe from copyright misuse and legal consequences.  

Play what you want, when you want.

Create your own music playlists from scratch, access over 1,000 curated playlists, or customize business playlists to meet your needs. Soundtrack was designed with your business in mind, giving you the power to access the right background music for your brand. 

Spotify music importing - Streamlined

Spent hours curating the perfect Spotify playlists? Discover the power to seamlessly import and convert tracks into new licensed playlists made for business and cleared for commercial use. 

It’s not personal. It’s business

Spotify and all other consumer streaming providers including Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and Pandora are only licensed for personal use and are not cleared for playing music in public spaces. Music falls under commercial use any time it is played in a business or public place. Spotify’s music streaming service and subscribers only have permission to use the platform for personal use.

Music licensing and copyright laws apply to large and small business owners alike. However, Soundtrack Your Brand provides access to licensed music cleared for proper use as a business, in order to avoid legal consequences. Soundtrack Your brand subscriptions can save you money as ASCAP, BMI & GMR performance right licenses are included.

Learn more about Spotify’s terms of service, rights holders, record labels and copyright law requirements that preclude business from playing consumer streaming services in your business in this guide: Can You Play Spotify in Your Business

No time to pick the songs? We’ve got you covered.

Add Spotify playlists

Import from Spotify

Simply drag in any Spotify playlist to make it legal for your business. Ready to expand your brand sound? Create a “similar music” station and let our algorithm do the rest. 

Soundtrack Playlists

Soundtrack playlists

It’s never been easier to create the right sound, atmosphere, and customer experience for your business. Select from thousands of ready-made playlists curated for different business types, seasons, situations, and events. You can also search by an artist’s name to discover new playlists. Soundtrack business playlists are longer than Spotify consumer playlists and designed to meet the needs of your business.   

Mood stations

Custom stations

Create a unique station to meet the audience, genres, energy and sounds tailored to your brand. Finding the right sound for your business is just a few clicks away.  

Built for business


Scheduling the right music for each day, week or longer is now one less thing for you to worry about. Simply drag playlists onto Soundtrack’s music scheduling calendar to set and forget your daily song and set list, while saving time so you can focus on what matters most — delighting customers and running your business.


Explicit filter and song block

Songs not safe for work? Activate our explicit lyric filter to keep the vibe family-friendly. Hear a song you don’t like? Block it once and never hear it again.


Central control

Whether you’re managing one or multiple locations, it’s easy to monitor and control everything in one place. Is your staff doubling as DJs or streaming music from their phones? Monitor and control all your music with ease from a central control or grant access to those who need it.


Much more than streaming music

Soundtrack Your Brand Personal streaming
100 million songs true maybe
Song-by-song playlist creation true true
Artist playlists true true
Explicit lyric filter true true
Legal for business true false
Scheduling true false
Ready-made playlists for business true false
Centralized music management true false




Thousands of playlists and stations. It's licensed music for your business made easy.


  • Licenses for business use

  • 1,000+ Soundtrack playlists

  • Thousands of artist playlists

  • Custom stations built for your brand

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling

  • Explicit lyrics filter

/ per zone and month

Bill monthlyBill annually

Try Soundtrack risk-free for 14 days.

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Play whatever, whenever, legally. Make your own playlists from any songs in the catalog.

Everything in Essential plus:

  • Play exactly what you want

    Take any songs from our massive catalog and turn them into playlists

  • Save time by editing what’s already there

    Add or remove songs from the 1,000+ ready-made playlists to make them yours

  • Make your Spotify playlists legal

    Just drag them into the app to legally play them in your business

  • Play offline

    Licenses to store and play music offline

/ per zone and month

Bill monthlyBill annually

Try Soundtrack risk-free for 14 days.

No credit card required.



Support and service designed for businesses with 20 or more zones.

Everything in Essential or Unlimited plus:

  • Assisted onboarding

  • Priority support

  • Billing options

  • Dedicated account manager

  • SAML / SSO

  • Curation

    The opportunity to purchase music curation services from our music team

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