The Soundrack of Loreto

Executive Chef Paco Moran - Changing kitchen culture through music

"I was trained in kitchens without music, where the only thing heard were knives hitting the cutting boards. The water boiling about to blanch something was as loud as it got.

It’s very liberating to now play music in our kitchen. We feel like it’s a part of our culture at Loreto. We have structure, but we also allow everybody to be themselves and express this through the music we play in our kitchen. We allow everybody; the servers, the bartenders, the cooks, to put a song into the playlist. We are democratic and diplomatic and we like that sense of individualism for everyone.

With Soundtrack’s catalog depth, and the possibility to play a specific track, we can really curate and customize our playlists so that we have the right music playing from eight in the morning to midnight when we leave."

Setting the Soundtrack of Loreto


Meet Chef Fransisco "Paco" Moran

Chef Paco's journey is one of resilience and dedication.

Starting as a dishwasher to support his growing family at 18, he discovered a passion for cooking. His culinary education began at Le Cordon Bleu, but his true learning came during his 13-year tenure with Patina Restaurant Group.

After a stint at a 3 Michelin star restaurant in San Sebastián he returned to Los Angeles, eventually becoming Executive Chef at LA Cha Cha Chá. Here, he found a connection to his Salvadoran roots, infusing his cuisine with his cultural heritage. His success led to the opening of two more restaurants under his leadership.

Today, Chef Paco oversees three thriving restaurants, a testament to his passion, talent and hard work.

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