The 9 best coffee shop jazz music playlists your patrons & staff will love

We’ve pulled together some of the coolest, cozy, and smooth jazz music playlists for coffee shops and cafés, so grab a cappuccino and take a listen.

Jazz Café

Melodious and soft…or upbeat and swingy?

Whatever your favorite style of jazz music is, we’ve got you covered with a variety of cool, cozy, and smooth jazz music playlists for coffee shops & cafes that were specifically curated for your business.

So keep pouring those americanos, cappuccinos, espressos, and chai lattes while these playlists take care of the atmosphere.

Get ready to follow the unexpected twists and turns of instrumental jazz music with pianos, trumpets, and trombones.

Tip: To combine and schedule playlists for your coffee shop, all you have to do is drop them into Soundtrack Your Brand’s scheduling tool (check out more scheduling tips here).

Posted on October 25, 2022

1. Café Jazz

Café Jazz

Featuring: Traditional jazz and sophisticated sounds

Our Café Jazz playlist is a great option for pleasing sophisticated coffee drinkers. You can slow down time back to the good ole days. We’ve got some true classics and some new tracks that sound like classics. You’ll hear Natalie Cole, Zoot Sims, Kat Edmonson, Jazz Parlan and more.. 

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2. Café Chillout

Café Chillout Playlist

Featuring: Modern bob-your-head grooves and up-tempo beats

Café Chillout is an excellent choice if you want to include beautiful jazz sounds without going full-out on unpredictable syncopation.

This playlist pulls in impressive jazz instrumentals with a new-school sound. The songs provide an easy listening experience that satisfies younger demographics who appreciate hip-hop influences and fusions of all kinds.

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3. Jazz Brunch

Jazz Brunch playlist

Featuring: Traditional jazz with stellar female and male vocalists

In this playlist, you’ll find soothing songs from the 50s that bring just the right pace to a relaxing Sunday brunch. Enjoy the creative vocals of Blossom Dearie, the trumpeting of Kenny Dorham, and the saxophone chord progressions of Benny Golson.

Your café guests will find themselves in toe-tapping, mimosa-enhanced bliss.

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4. Coffee Table Jazz

Coffee Table Jazz Playlist

Great for: Swanky vocal performances and classic instrumentals

The Sonny Stitt Quartet provides early jazz instrumental music, while contemporary talents like Molly Johnson and April Barrows lend their swoon-worthy vocals to tunes with just a hint of pop. 

This playlist is an excellent fit for coffee shops and breakfast cafés, and should definitely make its way into your business’s playlist schedule. 

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5. French Jazz Café

French Jazz Café

Great for: French-inspired cafés (or for simply switching things up)

Maybe you run a boulangerie and are looking for more French music to accompany your sought-after pain au chocolaut?

As the name suggests, French Jazz Café features nothing but French jazz greats and contemporary artists. 

If you want to mix in other styles of jazz, try scheduling multiple jazz playlists in the same time slot with Soundtrack Your Brand’s schedules. This way, you can include French vocals alongside English vocals and lyric-free tracks.

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6. Singalong Jazz

Singalong Jazz

Featuring: Modern jazz, jazz covers, and swing

Jazz can create an atmosphere that is relaxing and inspiring at the same time. This playlist transforms jazz music into something a little more accessible and familiar because it’s full of jazz covers on popular songs. Your customers will be nodding and mouthing the words while the music lures them into a chill state.

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7. Background Jazz

Background Jazz

Great for: Lyric-free chill vibes and beautiful instrumentals

This playlist is a great fit if you’re seeking vocal-free music—perhaps during work day or study times at your coffee shop

Here you’ll find smoky pianos, mild percussion, and lots of musical freedom. It’s the perfect type of music for café-dwelling writers and readers.

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8. Jazz Piano Classics

Jazz Piano Classics

Great for: Classic jazz tunes without vocals

The best piano players of all time fill this relaxing playlist. There are plenty of piano-forward renditions of popular jazz classics like “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “Take the ‘A’ Train.” But these songs are lyric-free, so your coffee shop patrons can let their conversations or their email and spreadsheets take center stage.

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9. Easy Jazz

Easy Jazz

Great for: Vocal performances that are easy on the ear

While this playlist does have lyrics, it’s light on distractions. The vocal performances here are so smooth that they practically transform into instrumentals. 

Enjoy the sounds of mostly female vocalists, such as Dianne Reeves, Melody Gardot, and Kandace Springs along with male greats like Freddy Cole and Tony Bennett.

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