5 tips to set up your business sound system like a pro


Installing a speaker system in your business doesn’t have to be as tough as a lot of people make it out to be. Sure, calling a professional audio installation service is the no-hassle way to go.

Posted on February 16, 2022

But honestly, if you’re on a budget and eager to give it a go on your own, following these pointers from industry veteran and professional audio installer Jacob Syrén is a great option too.

1. You can definitely go wireless, but beware of the pitfalls

“Given a choice, I’d connect the cables with speakers. No matter how good the wireless system is, there’s always a risk that wifi drops out if you have a lot of traffic in the store. And that’s the last thing you want when you’re busy with customers.’’

Right, the risk isn’t huge, but it can turn into a massive headache for your employees as guests and customers line up at the counter.

Choose Wisely

2. Smaller and more is better when it comes to audio sources

“Rather than buying a few amazing huge speakers, I recommend going with smaller units, but more of them.’’

Jacob says that a great way to think about the sound in your business is to think of the music as light and the speakers as spotlights. With more, but smaller, speakers you’ll get a more even spread of sound, keeping the volume more consistent as customers move around your premises.

3. Put ‘em in the ceiling

“ Just like with spotlights, you want your speakers in the ceiling angled down toward the floor.’’

Again, Jacob says the best way to think about the music is to see it as light. You want it diffuse and evenly spread from the ceiling, not blasting in your face from the side.

Remote Speaker

4. Kill the volume where you speak with customers

“When it comes to speakers above checkout desks, counters and any other area where you expect employees will talk to customers, lower the volume.’’

This one speaks for itself. Having customers struggle to hear the employees is bad business.

5. Use music as a zoning tool

“Playing different music in different areas is an easy and effective way to create different zones in your business.’’

If you operate a hotel or a restaurant, the concept of creating different zones with different moods is a no-brainer. But this point applies equally well to retailers. Big stores always use different types of music to divide up the space and create a different ambiance in different parts of the floor.

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