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We soundtrack the world’s top brands. Partner with us.

We create soundtracks for a variety of exceptional brands across the world, from eco-conscious 1Hotel to Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer.
Liaise with us to discover additional brands that want to use music to establish their identity.

Explore our partner and affiliate programs.

Premium Referral Partner Program

For large enterprise product referrals, we offer a Premium Referral Partner Program. As a referral partner for our state-of-the-art music solution, you will receive the best commissions available and access to a dedicated account specialist.

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Premium Reseller Partner Program

As a Soundtrack Your Brand-Premium Reseller Partner you can expand your offering with the market's most sophisticated background music solution.

The Premium Reseller Program is for partners who prefer to retain a personal relationship with their clientele. You will oversee the entire sales cycle from client prospecting and onboarding to account management and billing.

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Affiliate Program

We will soon be launching a self-service affiliate solution so you can leverage your traffic and network for value.

If you own a blog, website or large network that you can leverage and help us refer small business users, join the waitlist today. We will send more information about our dedicated partner portal for tracking your referrals and direct pay-outs with our healthy commission.

“Spotify Business is everything we asked for”

Tony Zoulias, Patrik "Sleepy" Elofsson and David "Myggan" Johansson of Domingo Music - Reseller