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Guidance and support for audio setup, music management, and everything in between.

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Account management

We acknowledge the fact that our partners work with their clients differently. Some are very involved in setting things up and provide continuous support, while others simply refer the client to us.

The main difference is that some partners will sign up on behalf of the client while others let the clients sign up themselves.

How it works

After becoming a partner, we will provide you with two sign-up links. One link for commission-based payouts and one link for discounted subscriptions. Use the one that suits your way of working best.

Related topic: discounts and commissions

You sign up on behalf of the client

When you sign up your clients to Soundtrack and manage the billing of their accounts, we recommend that you use the discount sign up link.

Pro tip:
You do not need to have a partner account or subscription. You can test/work in an account without a subscription or work directly in your client’s accounts.

Clients sign up themselves

If your clients sign up themselves, use the commission sign up link. Give the link to your client and instruct them to use it when signing up for Soundtrack.  This way, you get the commission you're entitled to.

Pro tip:
The client will add their own payment method and can invite you to the account if you need to have access.

Users management

You can invite the clients who should have access to their account in the Account Settings in the drop-down menu. Simply click on users > invite user. There is no limit to the number of users on an account.

Pro tip:

You can choose which level of access your client should have:

  1. simple access to the web account

  2. activate zones, 

  3. an administrator who can invite other users and activate zones. 

Invite users

Multiple clients

When you have signed up multiple clients, you can easily manage them in the web interface. Log in one time and switch between accounts in the drop-down menu. 

Pro tip:
You do not need to log in and out to access different accounts.

Switching between clients


Regardless of whether you or your client will pay for the subscriptions, the payment method we offer is debit or credit card payments.

However, if an account grows to 10+ zones, we can offer invoicing options depending on the billing frequency. In this case, please contact the Soundtrack partner team at

Music management


Perhaps you are not a music expert yourself, but you still end up talking to clients about what music to play.

We offer a set of guides on the basics of playing music in a business:


Ready-made playlists

Pick from over 1,000 playlists for business types, seasons, and situations, or search for artists to find related playlists.

Pro tips:
1. Even if you make custom playlists for your clients, you can find ready-mades that fill out the gaps or add variation.

2. They update every 2-4 weeks. This means that 15-30% of the songs in the playlist are rotated by our music team. 

Search for ready-made playlists

Create playlists (Unlimited only)

Playlists gives you total freedom in your music curation. There are a few ways of creating playlists and how you can enhance them. Let´s go through them.

Copy an existing ready-made playlist

If you found a playlist that you like and want to use it as a base for your playlist. You can copy the playlist and edit it as you like to make it your own.

Editing a ready-made playlist

Import from Spotify

Drag and drop or log in to your Spotify account to import any public playlists (Can´t be set to private) to Soundtrack.

Importing a playlist from Spotify

Search and pick

Create a playlist and search for songs to include. As you go, you will see song suggestions based on your selection.

Combine, edit & add

You effortlessly combine two or more playlists to make a longer one. You can add songs to a playlist:

  • Search

  • Spotify import

  • Pick from track suggestion

Create a playlist song by song


A station is much like a radio channel, but you are the one deciding the inputs that determine what it will sound like. There are 2 ways to create stations, please see below.

Pro tip:
Use stations where you are looking for a coherent music profile. The stations work less well in situations where you are looking for eclectic music styles that fits well together.

Tag cloud

Choose the tags you want for your station. As you can see, alternatives will become grey out depending on your selection. This is to help you make playlists that are coherent to the sound you want to achieve.

Create a station from tags

Spotify playlist

The Spotify playlist that you import will reflect the song selection of the station. To make  recommendation is to only use this function with Spotify playlists that has consistent mood and genre.

Create a station from Spotify

How to schedule

This is one of our most popular functions and for good reason. It is easy to use and it makes sure the music follows the rhythm of your locations and zones. Simply drag and drop playlists to your desired slots through out the week.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Clone a slot:  ⌥ (Alt) + drag an existing timeslot.
Fill timeslot: ⇧ (Shift) key + double click a timeslot.

Subscription model

We have two different plan options: Soundtrack Essential and Soundtrack Unlimited. You can find the retail pricing and differences between the two plans here:

Soundtrack Unlimited is the only music streaming service for businesses with on-demand playback.

Other key features that help Soundtrack to stand out are Schedules, our catalog of over 100 million tracks, and central account management for multi-location businesses. These features are included in both Essential and Unlimited.

Accounts, locations and zones

An account is created for each company that joins Soundtrack. An account can be linked to one or more physical locations.

A location is where your business takes place - it's often a building and will have its own unique address.

A zone is an individual area within a location. Each zone that is activated allows for a new stream of music and will result in an additional cost to the account.

Here's an example:

A lifestyle brand opens three stores. They set up one account for the company and add the three different locations, one for each store. Every location must contain at least one zone, so in this case, the account is charged for three zones. Each of these can play its own music, independent from one another.

Later on, the owners decide that each department should have its own music. Each store has four departments. The owners add new zones to each location. The brand still has three locations, but there are now four zones within each one. The account will now be charged for twelve zones.

Pro tip: You can centrally manage all locations and zones using our web interface.

How our commission works

We noticed two different ways in which our partners work with their clients. Hence, we designed our partner program to provide an option for both.

Option 1: Discount

If you manage the subscription and payments for your clients, you can arrange to receive a 10% discount for monthly payments or a 20% discount for annual payments.

Option 2: Commission

If your clients manage the payments for their Soundtrack subscription themselves, you can get a 10% commission for referring them. The commission is recurring at 10% for three years.

It is paid to your PayPal account when your balance exceeds $75.

Note: In case you mix it up and do it differently for different clients, that works too.

Audio setup


We provide apps for tablets, smartphones, PCs, and Macs. Read all of the details in the Our Apps section below.

We also make our own hardware player - the Soundtrack Player.

And we are available on a number of platforms provided by our partners. See the Partner Solutions.

Our Apps

Our free player app is currently available on 5 platforms.

iOS (11 or later)

The iOS player is available on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 11 or later.

MacOS (12 or later)

Play music from your computer or desktop with our Mac OS player. The app works both on Intel Mac and Apple Silicon (ARM-based M1 chip).

Android Mobile (7 or later)

Our Android player is available for tablets and phones with version 7 or later.


Play and manage the music in your business directly from your computer or desktop. The Windows player is available for Windows 7, 8, and 10. 


Play and manage music in your business directly from your Chromebook.


Soundtrack Player

The Soundtrack Player is our worry-free and tamper-proof music player made for business. Remote control through the web and mobile apps. It’s based on the Barix Exstreamer 500 - designed in Switzerland and assembled in Portugal.

Some important specifics:

  • 16 GB internal memory holds up to 2 weeks of music.

  • Plug it into your audio system using an RCA audio cable.

  • Ethernet through cat 5 100/10 Mbit/s.

  • Remote updates – your device will get the latest software versions via our automatic updates.

  • The streaming box uses dynamic IP by default. You can easily configure it for static IP.

  • T-tracks for both horizontal or vertical rack mounting.

The following cables are included in the package along with an installation guide:

  • 1 x Soundtrack Player

  • 1 x Ethernet cable

  • 1 x RCA Cable (male/male)

  • 1 x Power Supply Unit (PSU) for your region

Partner solutions


All currently supported products work with Soundtrack. Follow the Sonos guide to get started.


We offer the possibility to deploy a Soundtrack player in their networked audio products. See more at Axis Communications.

Supported Products:

  • AXIS C8033 - Network Audio Bridge

  • AXIS C1004-E - Network Cabinet Speaker

  • AXIS C2005 - Network Ceiling Speaker

  • AXIS C3003 - Network Horn Speaker


Through the provider of audio system products, we offer a modular solution for up to 4 Soundtrack players in one product. Our service is directly integrated into their NMP40 module, which can be plugged into the XMP44.

More about the Audac NMP40


Through the provider of digital signage solutions, we can offer the possibility to deploy a Soundtrack player on their video devices. A version of the Soundtrack Application can be deployed directly into the ScreenRay video device.

More information about ScreenRay - Video device


Through the global supplier of elevators, we offer a Soundtrack player built into their connected elevator offering. The service can be deployed into their DX Class ecosystem.

More information about DX Class

Dynamic Media (Player One)

Dynamic Media offers a streaming box with Soundtrack built in. Except for all the same features as our Soundtrack Player 3.0, it also supports overhead messaging and a LED screen showing the current music collection that is playing. Currently available in the US and Canada.

Visit Dynamic Media


Contact and support

Partners we work with get helpful, human assistance from start to finish. We’ll be there to get your clients set up too.

Partner Support

Existing and aspiring partners such as resellers, curators, AV integrators, and affiliates can reach us at

Client support

If you don’t provide your support yourself, your clients may reach out to Soundtrack support at