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Get the right music for your brand, customers, and employees with Soundtrack Your Brand. Pick and play any song from the world’s largest music for business selection. Talk to us to get started quickly.

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Your brand

Your brand should shine through in your music. Music that fits your customers' perception of your brand enhances your image and customer satisfaction. We’re here to help you create your brand sound.

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Your customers

To nail the music for your business, think about your customers. Play the right genres that appeal to your target customers to enhance your brand message. Keep it family-friendly with our explicit filter. Our rich music catalog gives you endless possibilities. Try our free trial today.

Control the music

Your employees

Your employees are your greatest advocates. Keep them motivated with great music and zero repetitions. Staff see, hear, and feel everything that’s going on in the business in real time. Use that advantage to decide if and how your employees should be involved in controlling the music. Talk to us to learn more.

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Your business

Music that fits the environment has a direct impact on sales. Our music experts work with tempo and familiarity. High tempo = less time spent - great for rush hours! High familiarity = more focus on the music - great for standing in line! With our Schedule feature, you get it right.

Great brands use Soundtrack for their music

Did you know?

Soundtrack Your Brand is the only service that lets you build playlists with exactly the tracks your business needs to play - similar to how Spotify, Apple Music & other personal streaming services work.

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Easy install

Soundtrack Your Brand is available on all major platforms and with our software all installation can be completed centrally and remotely. This will save time and money when rolling out new locations

Gain control

With Soundtrack Your Brand you configure the amount of control you need. Do you want staff to be able to take requests? A state-of-the-art hardware player for full central control? No matter your need, we got you covered.

Save time

Reduce employees' time spent on music. Set a schedule with music and forget. Never worry and spend time managing your music again. Comes with offline mode.

Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand is the world's leading background music provider. The largest music business catalog on earth, amazing technology, great user experience, and all the services you need to get your brand’s music in shape.

Your decision checklist

Save time on your decision with our music for business decision checklist.

Soundtrack Your Brand Other music for business services

Licensed for business

Yes Yes

Song-by-song playlist creation

Yes No

100 million song catalog

Yes No

Play song on demand

Yes No

Remote multi location management

Yes Yes


Yes Yes

Explicit Lyric Filter

Yes Some

Additional services

Get even more out of Soundtrack with these additional services


With Soundtrack Your Brand it’s easy to build and curate the music that matches your brand. If you need a helping hand, our curation team is available to give you exactly the sound that matches your brand.

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Hands-on installation

If you require and want hands-on installation, Soundtrack Your Brand has an extensive partner network that can help you get up and running. Talk to us and we’ll discuss more.


“Store’s closing in 5 minutes”
“Fitness class is starting now”
“Buy 2 get 1 for free”.

Whatever announcement you need to get across to your customers, we got you covered. Talk to us and we’ll show you how.




Thousands of playlists and stations. It's licensed music for your business made easy.


  • Licenses for business use

  • 1,000+ Soundtrack playlists

  • Thousands of artist playlists

  • Custom stations built for your brand

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling

  • Explicit lyric filter

/ per zone and month

Bill monthlyBill annually
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Play whatever, whenever, legally. Make your own playlists from any songs in the catalog.

Everything in Essential plus:

  • Play exactly what you want

    Take any songs from our massive catalog and turn them into playlists

  • Save time by editing what’s already there

    Add or remove songs from the 1,000+ ready-made playlists to make them yours

  • Make your Spotify playlists legal

    Just drag them into the app to legally play them in your business

  • Play offline

    Licenses to store and play music offline

/ per zone and month

Bill monthlyBill annually
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Support and service designed for businesses with 20 or more zones.

Everything in Essential or Unlimited plus:

  • Assisted onboarding

  • Priority support

  • Billing options

  • Dedicated account manager

  • SAML / SSO

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