The 9 best background music playlists for waiting rooms

Waiting Room

Are you looking for background music for your waiting room? Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect playlist for a doctor’s office, corporate lobby, or veterinary clinic, we’ve got you covered. Our music team has curated the best playlists for streaming background music no matter what type of business.

Depending on your client base and demographics, smooth jazz may be ideal. If your objective is to create a calm space there are excellent selections for acoustic and instrumental versions of popular songs or you may want to lighten the mood with some family-friendly pop or light rock?

Soundtrack Your Brand provides music options for every style, from acoustic covers to piano solos to jazz, popular music and beyond.

Posted on December 8, 2022

1 minute read

Acoustic Covers
Ballad Radio
Easy Jazz
Family-friendly & Acoustic
Family Friendly Pop
Family-friendly AC
Family-friendly Soul
Make That Piano Pop
Feelgood Oldies

Tips for streaming background music in your waiting room

Of course, choosing the right music is only the beginning. Use these expert tips to help create  the perfect environment. 

Legal considerations

Personal or consumer streaming platforms are not intended—or licensed for—business use. 

To legally play music in your business’s waiting room, you’ll need to use a platform with commercial streaming licenses

Soundtrack Your Brand offers millions of tracks and a thousand playlists created and cleared for businesses. 

With Soundtrack Your Brand, you can select, customize, and stream the ideal Soundtrack for your waiting room. 

For U.S. and Canadian customers licenses for Performing Rights Organizations, including ASCAP and BMI licenses, are included so that you can save as you play with Soundtrack Your Brand.

Scheduling different playlists

For your staff and your customers, it’s important to switch up the music. With Soundtrack Your Brand, you can pre-schedule playlists at different time slots throughout the week. 

You can even mix playlists so they cycle through a variety of songs. For example, you might put three different playlists in the same time slot to combine piano solos, acoustic covers, and oldies. 

Keep the waiting room music simple and mellow, and you can’t go wrong.


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